Chicken VS Man v1.025 Mod (Unlimited Money / Gold / Diamonds) Apk

Description :
Chicken VS Man is a cool and totally crazy side-scrolling action game with elements of strategy. Players will also appreciate the visual style of graphic and character rendering. Which ensures great gameplay about the uprising on the chicken farm. Its owners have long been regular suppliers of a fast food restaurant that has already destroyed a huge population of birds. As a result, those sentenced to death put forward a plan for their own salvation and freedom. And the chosen path is extremely bloody and difficult for both sides of the conflict. This is how players should help the oppressed in this situation.
Features :
* Units have their own fighting style. Combine the units correctly to get the best deck.
* Units are produced. Survive enemy attacks. Produced units are forwarded to the chicken restaurant.
* Feed chickens and chicks. Eating makes them strong.
* Use different skills. Combine skills and dominate the battlefield.

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